Home Repair
A client of ours discovered a small amount of rot when they were painting their back porch. Upon inspection, we discovered the entire beam needed to be replaced due to years ofRead More...

Exterior Painting

This customer was unhappy about the flaking paint on their wooden windows and front porch on their Savannah colonial style home. We started the project by scraping and sanding all the looseRead More...

Interior Painting

This was whole house interior paint job.  In addition to painting, we installed door trim, window trim, crown molding, and baseboard molding. We masked off the windows and primed everything, next weRead More...

Fireplace Overhaul

Home Repair
This homeowner wanted something different than all the other homes in their neighborhood.  Most of the fireplaces looked the same.  Boring white and ugly tile. This project included: Light demo, some cleanRead More...

Fascia Repair

Home Repair
Aluminum covered fascia can conceal some pretty nasty moisture damage. Pulling this back, the homeowner was very surprised at what was found. We pulled all the old rot out and replaced withRead More...

Door Jam Repair

Home Repair
A customer had their door kicked in from a burglary which left their door practically useless.  They couldn’t use their dead bolt and the door jam was in pieces. Now, the doorRead More...

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