Our Approach

We are meticulous about the work we do and the services we provide. Our goal is to walk away from the project with 100% satisfied customers.

Our Story

From a very early age, Jason began developing his carpentry skills with his dad in Savannah, GA. Every house his parents bought was in a nice area but needed a large amount of work. Jason was there on every project and loved every minute of it.
He had odd jobs throughout high-school and college like house framing, deck building, and installing every type of trim. No matter what the work was, if it was wood or had something to do with a house, it was going to be fun.
In 2009, Jason got married to his high school sweetheart and in 2012 they had their first child, and flipped their first house in that same year. Ever since, they have been addicted to real-estate and improving houses.

Jason Ussery, CEO

Jason Ussery grew up with a love for working with his hands.  From renovating family homes with his dad to building decks as summer jobs, he was continually learning new and valuable skills.

Karoline Ussery, CFO

Karoline Ussery grew up in Midway, Georgia.  She attended Georgia State University and then completed her degree at Armstrong Atlantic State University.